The business of business

Hey internet 🙂

Welcome back to my wonderful if not weird world.

I have decided that I will be posting Once a week  for the foreseeable future, maybe even more if you’re lucky.

One thing we talked about in class today was that if we had a structure or set ourselves a deadline it posting would then become easier and getting into a routine for these sorts of things has to be good, right?

So for this post we are required to research getting started in business. Just thinking about that scares me slightly and puts me into a state of disarray but I must press on.

The first blog I came across about going to business I thought was really interesting 10 tips for starting your own design business and I know the name makes you think it probably wont have anything worth thinking about but it actually does have some good points about looking at who you are and what your strengths are and create a brand for yourself that highlights those strengths.

I also figured I should look at more of an official source, Yaay for officialness. So I decided to look at It was one of the more helpful websites it looks at the different types of business structures whether you wish to be a  Sole Trader, have a partnership or create a company. It also includes information about registering your business and also where to go for information on naming your business along with a list of rules about naming your business such as anything offensive. Also a feature of this website is everyone’s favourite thing taxes wooo.

For number 3 I decided to look at a banks website to see what they offer in the way of advice and help so I chose ANZ Banks Business section. It has links to articles that give you an insight into starting a business, growing a business and handling finances all that good stuff when it comes to everything businessy.

I also tried looking at lawyers advice but they actually want you to go and see them so you can pay them so I was like nope, so change of plan the next website I looked at was Become a self-made graphic designer this is a blog written by a guy that started his own business and writes on his experiences of  running/owning his own design company.

Luck last number 5, How to start a Graphic Design Business. This blog gives quick tips on the pricing of services and security when it comes to contracts and clients that don’t pay, if you have ever spent 10 minutes on will understand what I am talking about.

Well this comes to the end of this weeks blog. Hope this helps and was actually interesting to read I will have another post next Thursday (hopefully). 🙂


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